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Ora Presents Sam Feldt 

Date: May 31- 2024

Time: 10pm-2am


Sam Feldt


In the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music, Sam Feldt has solidified hisstatus as an indomitable force, celebrated for his infectious melodies, upliftingbeats, and a keen sense of musical storytelling that resonates on a global scale.Sam's journey is a testament to his relentless passion for music and innovation,from his humble beginnings to headlining the world's most prestigious stages.Since bursting onto the scene with his multi-platinum-selling remix of "Show Me Love,"Sam has continued redefining dance music's boundaries.

His signature style—a blendof deep house with pop sensibilities—has earned him a dedicated fan base and criticalacclaim. With global megahits like "Post Malone" featuring RANI, amassing close to onebillion total streams to date,

Sam has demonstrated his ability to craft songs that notonly move the dance floor but also tug at the heartstrings, collaborating with the world'smost prominent pop artists like Rita Ora, Kesha, and Tones & I. His continuous momentum of releasing hit after hit carried into 2024, starting strong with"Rest Of My Life," a collaboration with Jonas Blue under their Endless Summer project.The track, featuring Sadie Rose Van, showcased an inspired use of Energy 52's "CafeDel Mar" and has already become a dancefloor staple, following the footsteps of their2023 hit "Crying On The Dancefloor" with 100 million streams as of March 2024.Beyond his music,

Sam has made significant strides as an entrepreneur and advocatefor sustainability. His Heartfeldt ecosystem, including Heartfeldt Records, Publishing,Radio, Events, and Foundation, underscores his commitment to helping new talent in  the music industry and positively impacting the world.

The sale of Fangage to Triller in amulti-million dollar deal,a platform he designed to forge deeper connections betweencreators and fans, marks another highlight in Sam's entrepreneurial journey.2024 also sees Sam embarking on a packed summer schedule, including a       13-date Vegas residency at the new Liv Nightclub& Dayclub and headline slots at majorfestivals like Tomorrowland, Parookaville, FM4 Frequency, Tinderbox, Balaton Sound,and Veld Festival. 

This lineup is a testament to Sam's unwavering appeal and the globaldemand for his electrifying sets. From LA to Tokyo, Sam is a sought-after, globalphenomenon, playing over 100 sets last year.Sam's influence extends beyond the studio and the stage. Through the HeartfeldtFoundation, he champions environmental sustainability and a conscious lifestyle,leveraging his platform to inspire change and action among his audience and peers.

 His dedication to reducing his carbon footprint and supporting global sustainability initiativesin collaboration with the United Nations and other prominent organizations reflects hiscommitment to the planet."Spreading happiness with my music is the best job in the world," says Sam. With everybeat, every note, and every song, Sam Feldt continues to chase the endless summer,bringing warmth, joy, and unity to listeners worldwide


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