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Ora Presents Sander Kleinenberg 

      Support: Johnny Monsoon - Gabriel Driscoll

Date: March 30- 2024

Time: 10pm- 2am


Sander Kleinenberg


Whether it’s producing, remixing or dj’ing, Sander Kleinenberg has been building credibility on all fronts for over two decades. With twenty years of experience behind him, he’s established himself as an advocate for progress and most of all, a pivotal player on the frontier of electronic music. Starting out at merely fifteen years old, a young Sander Kleinenberg was inspired by R&B and hip-hop culture in the late eighties. These urban vibes led to him starting his own career, which in turn led to him traveling the world spreading his sound and becoming one of the scenes biggest names along the way. 

Often mentioned when talking about the first wave of superstart dj’s from more than a decade ago, Sander brought a mixture of genres and styles to the table like never seen before. His love for quirky disco, psychedelia, Detroit techno, straight up soul and industrialism contributed greatly to the ever-evolving musical landscape in the ‘90s, 00’s and present. Sander’s eclectic persona and capability to always be two steps ahead of the pack have resulted in him being an award-winning dj and producer. As time passes by and his career unfolds, the pattern within it becomes more and more visible, Sander is ‘a man on the move, always searching for the perfect mix’ in his own words.
Sander’s passion for perfection has kept him away from classification, putting hours upon hours into the enrichment of his dj- and producer-skills. Constantly twisting and shaping sounds, progressing in the studio and experimenting on an unprecedented level have brought Sander to the point where a jaw dropping list of remixes and collabs is witness with Halsey, Madonna, LANY, Daft Punk, Gwen McCrae, Jamie Cullum, Audio Bullies, Justin Timberlake, James Vincent McMorrow and many more as a few honourable mentions. Original tracks like My Lexicon, The Fruit, This Is Miami and house classic “Can You Feel It” have made a lasting impression on the scene. Sander’s work remain to influence the industry today, making him a continued valid player in the movement.

2019 will mark a year of rejuvenation for Sander Kleinenberg as he prepares for new personal material on Spinnin records he has also a very exciting new side project in the pipeline something that has been an ambition of him for a long time. Representing twenty years in dance music, it’s time to once again take to the road and rekindle his ability to bring levity and fun back to the dance floors. Sander has cultivated a sound that encompasses a strong understanding of what is the fundament on which the electronic movement is build but with a strong and all compassing knowledge that change is the only constant,  ladies and gentleman we invite you to meet Sander Kleinenberg 2.0.

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