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Ora Present WISOUL with  Luciano Bertorello  ( From Argentina)  

with support from: Lucasmerip and Iara Abdala


Fusion o deep house, techno, and progressive

Date: June 29th 

 Location: Ora Seattle 

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Wisoul was born in 2021 in the heart of the Oregon mountains. They are pioneers in the area for hosting outdoor parties surrounded by the best landscapes and creating a PLUR collective.

 Get ready for an unforgettable night with Luciano Bertorello, DJ and producer from Córdoba, Argentina who has revolutionized the Argentine electronic scene. With an unmatched passion for music and a natural talent for mixing, Luciano has earned a prominent place at the country's top events and festivals. His unique style, which fuses deep house, techno, and progressive, creates vibrant and energetic sets that transport his audience to another dimension. From the beginning,

His performances are a musical journey, where each beat and transition is carefully crafted to keep the crowd moving. His name is synonymous with quality, passion, and excellence in the world of electronic music. This June 29th music, respect, friendship, tolerance, and diversity come together to create a magical experience: 

 Wisoul will bring the magic of the forest to the urban jungle of Seattle.

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